Wednesday, 29 June 2016

When - Face Masks Review // When Collaboration

Hey everyone! Today is quite an exciting post - for me anyway - as I was sent 2 face masks from 'When' to review and share with you lovely people! I was sent 'The Last Choice' which is good to use when your skin feels dry, as it has lots of gentle ingredients to help moisturise your skin and I was also sent 'Snow Magic' which is good to use when you want clear and brighter looking skin, as it will instantly add a lovely glow into your skin!
In this post, I have tested out 'The Last Choice', but 'Snow Magic' will definitely appear in a post in the near future!

First, I'll explain a little bit about about When to you beautiful people! The face masks are made using advanced bio-cellulose technology. They use all-natural, coconut-derived bio-cellulose to make the sheets, which are gentle enough to help teat burn patients and they are incredibly hydrating! This is because each mask holds up to 100 times its dry weight in fluids - which is 10 times more than average fabric sheet masks. Can we get an 'Ooooo'?!. Plus, the bio-cellulose sheets are superfine, as the 3 dimensional fibres allow exceptional dermal contact, which enables a perfect fit on your face! This helps to prevent evaporation and serum being wasted.

Next, I'll explain how to use these, as it can be quite hard to understand and I was confused when I opened it! So, let's get started!
To begin, you need to pull out the 3-layer mask from the pouch, unfold it and remove the top and bottom layers from the mask. Then apply the middle layer - which is the bio-cellulose mask - onto your face. After 30 minutes, take the mask off and gently massage any of the leftover essence on to your skin!

I've just tested 'The Last Choice' and I really like it! After I took it off, my face felt really soft and actually quite cold - which was nice, as its quite warm in my bedroom! - also, my skin was quite dry before I tried the mask and now it feels nice and moisturised! Which is good as that's what the mask is supposed to do! I found this mask very good to use and actually quite easy to apply - plus, its quite good for scaring your little brother with! I really recommend these face masks as they are simple to use and they leave really good results! I can't wait to try out the 'Snow Magic' mask - that'll definitely feature in a post in the near future!

In the UK, you can buy When face masks from Birchbox UK, Selfridges & Co and Topshop! And if you're in France, you can buy them from Birchbox France and Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche (Paris). If you are in Italy, you can get them in OVS - Spain, from Birchbox Spain and Switzerland, you can buy them from Manor!

If you'd like to find out more about When, you can visit their website here: 

That's everything for today's post! I hope you liked reading my review - its quite a long time since I've done one of these!
Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Summer Staples // Collab

As summer is on the horizon, today I'm going to be sharing 5 staples for summer with you! But before we get started, this is a collab with the lovely Kizzi from Beauty and Brownies! She's one of the lovely TTATB Project girls and we organised our collab through that! Today, we'll be sharing 2 fashion staples, 2 beauty ones and a random/mystery one! So let's get started!

Floaty/Swing Dresses
Okay lets just ignore the fact that my hair looks bad, my bedroom is a mess and that I'm watching Outnumbered while I was taking the photo. Dresses are definitely a favourite of mine to wear in the summer (and all year round to be honest) but I especially like wearing floaty ones around the house on lazy days as well as outside. I'd wear this with maybe a big floppy hat and flat sandals - definitely an outfit I'll be wearing this summer!
I got this dress from

This is obviously a must for me and I'm especially loving black rounded sunglasses this year as they are simple but a great piece to add to any outfit in the summer!
I got these sunglasses from Coconut Lane and you can use the code ' vieavecchar20 ' to get 20% anything you order! - but more on that later!

Bright Lips
I love wearing bright lips in summer as I think its a fun way to show a bit of colour for the season! Plus, adding a bold lip colour to a simple outfit can quickly dress it up! I think I'd wear one with the floaty dress, floppy hat, sandals and sunglasses!

Zoella Body Fondant
My next beauty staple is this amazing product from Zoe Sugg's new beauty range 'Sweet Inspirations'! When I first got this, I was very impressed as it leaves a really pretty glow on your skin and it also smells really nice! I like using it as I don't really have a tan yet - seen as its only June and I haven't been outside that much - and it makes me look nice a bronzed, even though I am not.

This is my final summer staple and its the random one! I have decided to suggest a camera as a summer staple! I really want to take more photos this summer and a camera is definitely needed to do that! Plus, once I have taken a lot of photos, I want to put them up in my room and in my box, which you can read about here!

That's all for today! Be sure to go and check out Kizzi's post and amazing blog! Let me know one of your summer staples below! I'll be back on Wednesday!

Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How To Deal With Growing Up // Collab


Growing up sucks doesn't it? When I was little, I didn't have so much to do, I could read for fun and I had far less school work. Growing up comes with a few problems which a lot of people struggle with, so today I'm going to talk about it and give you a few tips on how to possibly deal with it.

But first, this is a collab with the lovely Jade from Simply Jadey! We've been chatting for around a month now and I think we've become good friends so I was really happy when we started to plan this post! You should definitely go and give her blog a read as I absolutely love it! She writes about fashion, beauty and life, as well as some really helpful posts about things not many people write about, which I love! Jade is such a lovely person and you can definitely get this from her amazing blog [which you can check out here]! Also be sure to go and check her out on her social medias and on Bloglovin'!

We have each chosen two topics each that we find difficult with growing up. I'm going to write about having a load of responsibilities all of a sudden and forgetting your childhood, and Jade is writing about pressures from society and having to deal with how everything changes so quickly. As you might have realised, this could be quite a long post so I'd go and make yourself a nice cup of tea or something before you continue!

Sudden Huge Amount Of Responsibilities

Life changes quickly. Very quickly. Its like you had nothing to do then all of a sudden you're buried under a pile of textbooks and swamped in schoolwork and friendship dramas. Big changes come with big responsibilities, and they can be quite a shock to the system, things such as making sure you do all your homework and that you hand it all in on time, finding your own ways to manage your time and, the big one, having to decide what you are going to do with your life, yep scary.

So I have a few tips for you. If you feel as though you can't cope with everything, tell someone. They most likely won't be mad and they'll want to help you. This is something that I wish I'd done earlier, because its helping, and I'm not just saying that. Sharing what is stressing you out with someone you trust will help, someone else will understand and they may give you a few tips on how to juggle everything.

I know that many people will say this, but write everything out. I've done this for June and its really helped me because I don't forget to do anything. So for example, I have my Chinese Writing Controlled Assessment, reminders to get a birthday card for my friend and reminders to write blog posts and #beechat letters!

Forgetting Your Childhood

Now, this is quite a deep subject for me, as this is one of my biggest fears. Whether that be primary school, memories with/of friends and family, silly little random things or just things about me. Forgetting anything makes me scared - but I've come up with a few ideas that I'm going to share with you. First is a box - I have a memory box with some things in that remind me of something or someone. I have one or two of these, the first one I started a few years ago, it has the fake bouquet I had when I was a bridesmaid for my Auntie Deb in 2004, my Great-Grandad's glasses, money pouch, little teddy and a photo, as well as my wristband from the Little Mix Get Weird Tour. Then I have my new one(s), it has my penpal letters in from my internet friends, my bucket list, a little envelope with my favourite songs in and I plan on adding more things like that. The difference between them is, the older one was my childhood, Little Charlotte, but my new one has (or will have) everything in that I want to remember about my teenage life. In this new box, I want to have the following things inside:
Letter to My Future Self, Aged 20 (I have nearly finished it!)
'My Happiness Project' Book - which I am yet to make
Dance Certificates, Rosettes and Medals
Photos and Photo Albums
My Book Of Deep Thoughts -more on this later
My Bucket List
£10 (just in case I'm broke in the future)
Lyrics to My Favourite Songs
Concert Tickets
List of My Favourite Songs
My Scrapbook(s)
Short Stories I Have Written
A Video of Me to Watch In The Future
School Photos *I'll need something to laugh at*
Family Photos
Important Newspaper Clippings
My Sad Book
My Favourite Book
My Favourite Magazines
A List of Current Expressions
The Penpal Letters I have received/will receive from my Internet Friends
A 'Look Book' of my Favourite Clothes
A List of Things I Want To Learn
My Favourite Blog Posts I've Written
And if you sometimes feel like me, I suggest that you try having a box with all those things inside because I love looking in mine to cheer me up!
That's all for today's post! Be sure to go and check out my amazing friend Jade's post! If you have any more ideas for anything I have mentioned, let me know in the comments!
Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3

Sunday, 19 June 2016

TMI Tag // 100th Blog Post

Today my beautiful people, I am writing my 100th blog post! I am actually very impressed with myself that I made it this far. *applause*
I asked on Twitter what topic you'd like me to write about, and you voted 'Me', so that's what I'ma do! And seen as I haven't really written an 'about me' post in a while, and seen as I don't have any original ideas, I'm going to do the TMI tag! And there are 49 questions, so get yourself some nice hot tea [or the drink of your choice] and get comfy, because y'all gonna be here a looong time!

1. What are you wearing?
     Black leggings from Next, a cute little top with a bicycle on it from FatFace, some grey and mint fuzzy socks from Primark, a little silver ring from New Look and my little owl necklace.

2. Have you ever been in love?

3. Have you ever had a terrible break up?

4. How tall are you?
     5ft 3"

5. Any tattoos?
     No, its illegal for me but I like the idea of having a tiny little one somewhere - maybe a little song lyric or something?

6. Any piercings?
     No, I really wanted my ears doing when I was about 7 or 8, but I never did it and I still don't think I'd be able to look after them! I have some little clip-on ones from Claires, which I wear sometimes.

7. OTP?
     Ah, hahaha, I have a few but if I had to choose, its probably Phan, Ezria or Spoby.

8. Favourite show?
     I don't really watch much TV, but I like Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and Sherlock and I need to catch up with Pretty Little Liars, I quite like that! Ooooh no, NCIS! I love that, my dad and I watch it a lot, I just love crime dramas in general to be honest!

9. Favourite Bands?
     Little Mix has always been a firm favourite but I have been loving Fifth Harmony's music recently!

10. Something you miss?
       Being a young child and all the naivety, innocence and lack of responsibilities that came with it.

11. Favourite song?
      Can't choose, but I love a lot of songs for different reasons. The one I can think of now is 'See Me Now' by Little Mix because its about someone not believing they could do something then them proving them wrong in an incredible way!

12. How old are you?
       14 years, 2 months and 10 days, to be precise! *ngl, I googled it*

13. Zodiac Sign?

14. Quality I look for in a partner?
       Someone who I feel safe and comfortable around - that's always good.

15. Favourite Quote?
       I want to do a whole post of quotes, but at the minute - Que Sera Sera - because it means 'what will be, will be' in French [got to stay on-brand, ya feel]

16. Favourite Actor?
       I don't really have a favourite, because I tend to take interest in the characters more so than the actors, but Melissa McCarthy always makes me laugh because she portrays *fancy word alert!* all the characters so well.

17. Favourite colour?
      Probably the colour my bedroom is, which is a jadey-green colour???

18) Loud or soft music?
       It depends really on how I'm feeling, my playlist has no set theme what-so-ever. I like a bit of a lot really. I think I am more of a pop person to be honest.
19) Where do you go when you are sad?
        More often than not, I go to the internet. I go to Twitter and chat with the TTATB girls, or I'll do some blog stuff. But most of the time, I go to YouTube. I know what and who makes me happy or laugh - Dan and Phil (if you haven't realised by now, I love them a lot) and Liza Koshy, bloody love Liza. But recently with what's been going on with me, I have been to a bench. I'll explain. My house is at the top of my family's caravan site, so if I walk up the site to the bottom, then I go up the steps, you're at the beach! On the prom bit before the beach, there are a few benches, so I like going to sit on one of them.
2o) How long do you take to shower?
        Usually, no longer than 15 minutes - or in my terms, about 5 songs. It wouldn't take me as long but I have A LOT of hair, and it takes a LONG TIME to wash it so...... BUT, I am donating a lot of my hair after/during the summer, so I might not take as long then!
21) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
       Without getting back into bed for 20 minutes (my daily routine - no joke), only about 10/15 minutes on a school day. I can get dressed quick and because I shower at night (because my hair takes about 4 hours to dry) I don't really have to rush. Then because I don't wear make up and I usually only put my hair into a ponytail, its only really 10 minutes.
22) Ever been in a physical fight?
        No. Well...... Last Friday,  this idiot who thinks he's hi-lari-ous came on hit me on the back and because he takes the mick out of me for my blog, I'd had enough, so I grabbed his arm and hit him on the shoulder - it wasn't hard, I could have done FAR much more damage, just saying.
23) Turn on?
        Humour. Someone who you can laugh with or if you call them an insult, then they'll call you it back - does that make sense???

24) Turn off?
        Cockiness - when someone acts as if they're better than everyone else, much like the boy in question 22.

25) The reason I started blogging?
        To share my interests and to have a little place where I could be myself and talk about everything - thank you all for letting me do it!

26) Fears?
        Growing up, aggressive drunks, not being able to achieve what I want to achieve, this creepy old man who comes in my Grandma's shop (where I work) and is just plain rude, my form tutor can be a bit "loud" sometimes and getting told off.

27) Last thing that made me cry?
        It was on Friday when I went to have a meeting with my form tutor and head teacher about my 'issues' and my head teacher just had a go at me - not what someone who isn't doing very well needs, but ah well.

28) Last time you said you loved someone?
        Either when I said "love you" to my Mum on the way out of the house on Friday morning or when my lovely friend Evie texted me after school on Friday and told me that if I ever wanted to talk to her, she's there for me to talk to and that she loved me and I said I love her, back because I do - I was extremely close to crying then as well actually.

29) Meaning behind my blog's name?
        Theme = Life, My Name = Charlotte, Favourite Language = French and hey-presto! VieAvecCharlotte was born!

30) Last book I read?
        Is it bad that the last book I read fully was "Animal Farm" in my English lessons? That was in February ish by the way.
31) The book I am currently reading?
        Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and its for the #GGBookClub - which I am so happy I joined because I needed an excuse to read more again, other than school says to.

32) Last show I watched?
        BBC Breakfast yesterday when I watched Tim Peake land after being in space.

33) Last person I talked to?
        My brother when we cam upstairs after tea, it was about..... I can't remember, it was obviously very interesting!

34) Last person I texted and our relationship?
        This morning and it was Rae who is one of my best friends.

35) Favourite food?
        Can't beat fish fingers.

36) Place I want to visit?
        It is on my bucket list to set foot on every single country on the planet, so all of them!

37) Last place I was?
        The kitchen, because I just had my tea. But outside was a little train station where my family and I went for the afternoon.

38) Do you have a 'crush'?
        A) I don't like that word - hence the quotation marks B) Yes

39) Last time I kissed someone?
        I kissed my Mum's cheek before school on Friday.

40) Last time I was insulted?
        Friday afternoon when I was in the meeting with my form tutor and head teacher - she 's just rude.

41) Favourite sweet flavour?
        Blackcurrant or strawberry - very easy to please.

42) What instruments can you play?
         I used to play piano when I was about 9 or 10, but not anymore - I am trying to learn the ukulele, so I'll keep you updated on how that goes!

43) Favourite piece of jewellery?
        Sentimental jewellery is always my favourite, so its either my little owl necklace, the bracelets that my cousins have bought/made me or something that isn't actually mine - my grandma's necklace. My grandma has this oval shaped locket with 4 little frames inside and she has a photo of each of her 4 grandchildren in it - very cute.

44) Last sport I played?
        Rounders in PE, on Friday (I'm starting to see a theme here).

45) Last song I sang?
        The last song I sang was probably 'Last Night' by Lucy Spraggan, because I love it and it makes me laugh!

46) Favourite chat up line?
        I don't really have a favourite but I follow an account on Twitter called @PickupTexts where they post really good ones and they always make me laugh!

47) Have you ever used the chat up line?
        I have never used one!

48) Last time I hung out with anyone?
        On Friday after school (once again with the theme!), I went to one of my best friends', Angel's house and we watched Pocahontas and Pocahontas 2 - definitely my favourite of the Princesses.

49) Who should answer these questions next?
         The TTATB girls - if they want to obviously <3

So that's it for my TMI Tag and my 100th Blog Post! I hope you liked this post and let me know some of your answers in the comments! Also, I don't think I've mentioned it on here yet, but I hit 10k page views last week, which is just insane so thank you so much!! I'll leave you for now, but I'll be back on Wednesday!

Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Cocomelody Collaboration

That's right people, today is a collab with the amazing dress company 'Cocomelody'!

They got in touch with me and asked if I'd like to share their beautiful dresses with you lovely lot, and of course I said yes!
Cocomelody have designer wedding gowns as well as plus size wedding dresses in a massive variety of styles that would suit anyone's style and taste! Even though I don't plan on getting married anytime soon *and I'm sure a lot of you aren't either*, I absolutely love all these dresses as they are all so elegant and beautiful.
But, if prom is coming up for some of you and you haven't got your dress yet, they sell them as well!

I thought that today, I'd share some of my favourite dresses with you!
This is the first dress I wanted to show you as I think its so cute! This is called a 'Tea Length' dress and I like it as it has a less traditional length to it, and the top is so beautiful. Not going to lie, ever since I watched the royal wedding in 2011, I have been in love with lace sleeves and lace top halfy bit!
I love this one soooo much! Once again, the lace sleeves and top halfy bit! I love it as it is quite simple and traditional, yet is modern and in the 'current fashion' with off the shoulder arms.

They also have a huge sale on at the minute, so if you are looking for a dress, visit Cocomelody! There is also a 10% off discount code, that is valid until June 30th just here:
That's all for this post! On Sunday, it is my 100th ever blog post, so either vote in my Twitter poll here or let me know in the comments!
Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Top 10 Under £10 // Collab

Its been a long while since I have written a beauty post, I think I've just a bit of interest in that area recently, but I'm back baby! *that was weird, I promise to never say that again*.

So today my beautiful people, this is a collab with the lovely Freya from Miss Perceived! We decided to do a top 10 under £10 post, but we're doing it a little differently. I will be sharing 5 of my best products, and Freya will be showing her favourites over on her blog!

Let's get started!

1. Vaseline Spray Moisturiser

I love this. I love it A LOT. It actually does soak in quite quick, so you can 'spray and go'!

2. Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polishes

I absolutely love these nail polishes, because they actually dry quickly and they have a really nice formula. You might need around 2 coats of this, but it looks really nice once they're done and they have so many different colours.

3. Soap & Glory Rich and Foamus Body Wash

A) Smells incredible - its like cake B) Scent lasts a long time after use C) Definitely get your money's worth D) Its soooooo nice!

4. Lush Products

All Lush products are amazing, some are better than others granted, but they're all good! I think that all of the products (mainly bath and shower items) are under £10 and they are definitely worth it! {Plus, they look very pretty in blog photos!}

5. Zoella Beauty

[Sorry for the crappy photo] Zoella Beauty. Smells great. Very aesthetically pleasing. Massive fan. Definitely recommend. 'Nuff said.

So that's it for this post! Be sure to go and check out the other 5 over on Freya's blog! I hope you have a great week, see you Wednesday!

Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

School Pressures and A Life Update

this might be a bit of a different post, but I hope you like it anyway x

She would not show that she was afraid,
But being and feeling alone was too much to face,
Though everyone said that she was so strong,
What they didn't know is that she could barely carry on,
I'm the sort of person who bottles things up and who keeps their feelings down in a deep dark pit. Everyone thinks I am some sort of strong, independent leader that can always help anyone with anything, they think that because that's the personality I pursue for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love helping my friends with anything they need, because they are my friends and I love them and I want them to be happy. But sometimes it gets difficult to drag myself through my own life, never mind picking someone else up through theirs.
But she knew that she would be okay,
So she didn't let it get in her way,

Sometimes its hard to do this, but most of the time I can pick myself up.
Sometimes it all gets a little too much,
But you gotta realize that soon the fog will clear up,
And you don't have to be afraid, because we're all the same,
And we know that sometimes it all gets a little too much,

A lot of the time, I am always busy with something and its gets bad sometimes. Tears, tea, a loss of will to live, the whole shebang. Its like I don't know what to do and I just panic. It takes time, but I can usually get over it. And since I posted the first post about being down, Deep Thoughts, I've learnt that a few of my blog friends as well as a couple of my school friends have been feeling similar to me, more on that later.

She would always tell herself she could do this
She would use no help it would be just fine
But when it got hard she would lose her focus
So take my hand and we'll be alright

I'm one of those people who doesn't like talking about things or asking for help. I would always find my own methods of 'coping', these usually involved a bucket of tea and occasionally crying myself to sleep. NOT THE BEST METHODS. It often means that I can't focus, telling myself I can't do it anymore and panic. But recently, I've talked to people. These people who have made my life a little brighter without realising it. Thank you Rae for making sure I go to sleep at a reasonable time. Thank you Jade for just chatting to me everyday for the past few weeks, you've really made me smile and feel better. Thank you Mrs Brook for giving me a few tips on being happy. Thank you the TTATB Project girls for giving me sooo many things to look forward to.

Now, for the actual explanation. School is such a massive part of why I've been feeling down. So I went to my form tutor and we talked about it, but I felt as though some of the stuff making me feel bad, I couldn't tell him. I felt as though I couldn't trust him with it because I didn't want him to think less of me and I didn't want him to think I was stupid. I didn't want him to know that I can't do this anymore. I didn't want them to know that I am struggling and that I can't live up to their expectations anymore. My GCSE target grades are as follows:
Business Studies: A*
Biology: A*
Chinese: B
Computer Science: A
Chemistry: A*
English & English Lit: A*
French: A*
History: A*
Maths: A*
Physics: A
Textiles: A

And I can't do that. Some of them, I know I can do that, but there are so many that I know I can't get. But because at my school, we've been told that these are the good grades, the grades we should ALL be aiming for in every subject. But I don't think that's okay, I'm sorry but its not fair anymore. Its like school doesn't care if we learn anymore, its just exams and qualifications, not learning and I know that I'm not the only person that thinks this.
I'm trying to be brutally honest, even though I plan on sending my form tutor the link to this, mainly because I can't say it out loud.
There's just too much pressure. There are too many expectations that are too high and, I'm sorry, but there are. You may be thinking that your school is nothing like this, so I'll just clear something up, I'm at a grammar school and I'm in the triple science set, so yeah, very high expectations.

Now, I'm going to tell you a little story. A few weeks ago, we had to do an end of unit test in Chemistry, I got a D. I laughed it off with the people I was sat with and I pretended I didn't really care. But I did. I cared sooo badly, because I knew that I was so far off my target grade that my school are so focused on me getting. But then it got worst. My teacher said to the entire class, "Some of the class got Cs and Ds, and that's not good enough. You had a week to revise for this and you're in the top set. Some of you did badly, Cs and Ds are not acceptable" (there may be a few different words here and there, but that's what she said). Then it felt like I'd been hit. It felt so bad. I felt so bad. I felt stupid and worthless and thick and not good enough. And I'm sorry, but that's not how a teacher should make you feel. It made me feel as though my best wasn't good enough. It made me feel so stupid that I had to stop myself from crying at my desk. When I left that lesson I felt so ill, almost sick with myself because of how badly I'd done. I'm sorry but whoevers bright idea it was to think that is an okay way to teach children, is very much mistaken.

I've just realised that I've completely slagged off my chemistry teacher, she's lovely but that day wasn't the best.
Now back to pressure in general in terms of school. How come we aren't allowed to have a job that lasts all day and into the evening and sometimes the night, but its perfectly fine for us to have school work that carries on through the day and the evening and the night and the weekends? Stupid. *Sorry, I'm getting a bit hot headed again*. Its just too much, I'm sorry.

I did go and speak to my form tutor about my 'issues', if you will, and I told him how I struggle to get all my school work done before 11pm and also that I've been thinking very very deep thoughts about life recently. He asked me which teachers I trusted and he set up 'mentor meetings' with her which honestly have helped as I've started finding ways on how to stay happy. But when I go and have a meeting with him, its only ever about school work. That's fine because I'm not sure how much I'd like to tell him, but I feel like he thinks that school work is the only issue, once again, the school system only caring about what the government thinks is important, not about the well-being of the people who they are controlling. No, but my form tutor is so nice and he has found some ways of helping me manage school and that, but I don't think my 'time management skills' are the biggest issue.

I think the work is. I know what you're thinking. "Oh typical teenager, complaining about her school work. She doesn't realise how lucky she is". But I do realise. I realise all of it. I'd love to learn, but I don't like the affects it has on me. Surely by now, you'd have thought that the education system would have thought about us. Its weird how they haven't thought why teenagers are constantly stressed by school that they pray for disasters or fake illnesses or some even try to kill themselves, yet no one has ever thought "hey maybe our system is flawed", instead they think its our fault. That's not okay.

I know that that was A LOT to take in but I just needed to get it out of my head, and here is the safest place I think I can do it. Now for some apologies.

I'm sorry that I'm not good enough to you. I'm sorry that my school work isn't at the standard you think it should be. I'm sorry that I walk into every lesson tired. I'm sorry that I worry so much about everything. I'm sorry that I let you believe I was a "model student". I'm sorry I let you believe I was getting better. I'm sorry I lied about not feeling as bad. I'm sorry that on Thursday 19th May at midnight I was googling trains and taxi services to somewhere where some of my family live and I was mentally thinking of a plan to just leave, because I couldn't take it anymore. I'm sorry the Cs and Ds I get aren't good enough. I'm sorry that I got you into this. I'm sorry I didn't tell anyone about this so it all bottled up and I'm sorry that I just exploded my head on here. I'm sorry that I always replied with 'I'm fine'. I'm sorry that I cry myself to sleep some nights. I'm sorry that I don't believe the things I tell my friends to make them feel better, myself. I'm sorry that you had to read this.

Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Petite Vie // Collab


How are we all? Are we good? I hope so. Before we get started, I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for 9000 page views and 1300 Instagram followers! That's just crazy. Anyway, today mes petits amis, we are going to be taking a little trip down memory lane. So don your walking boots and lets begin!

But first, this is a collab with the lovely Bethan from Bepbeee! Go and check out her amazing blog as well as her social medias *her Instagram feed is gorgeous, just saying*! We have done a collab before, which you can read here if you like.

The first photo I'm going to be sharing is one you may have seen before, but ah well.

When I was a little baby (I could walk at this point, so I wasn't that little), my parents took me to this photography place and I had a lil photo shoot with some fake stairs and a basket and a lil white bicycle, and this is one of them.
Honestly, I don't think my skin has ever been that good since that photo.
The next few photos are some really cute ones that were taken when I was very little, with my Grandad.

A little background to these: my family have a caravan park so I've basically grown up around booking forms and phone calls. That is why in both of these I am sat with my Grandad at his desk and in the bottom one, I am pretending to answer the phone.
Now, its a couple of my Grandma and I, once again, in the office *its basically my house*, and I think they'd got me and ice cream out of the shop. The computer looks so old! This was about 2003, that's insane.

I've given you a few photos and there are far more I have found, so let me know if you'd like me to do some more of these! But for now, I shall leave you with this:
Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

5 Things To Be Happy About // MHP


So, if you've been reading for a while, you may have read my two posts Deep Thoughts and 100 Things That Make Me Happy, and you may know I've been a little 'depressed' lately. So I started 'The Happiness Project', which you can read about in the '100 Things' post.

So yeah, its a little series I've decided to start that might make me feel a bit better *how self-centred did that sound!?!* and that it might help other people going through a similar thing feel a bit better as well. So in today's post, I want to share '5 Things To Be Happy About', just little things that you may have never noticed, but they can make you happy, or they make me happy at least.

1. WE HAVE OUR WHOLE LIVES AHEAD OF US // Yep. Everything we do is up to us. We have so much to do, see and achieve, and it makes me happy just thinking about that. If you're ever panicking about the future, just stop for a second and remember, 'its my life and its up to me, I might not have a plan, but whatever I do, I am going to make it fun'. 

2. WE HAVE A VOICE // I am writing a post about this in a few weeks I think, so more on that then. But for now, I'm so thankful that I have the ability to tell others about my views and that I can do something about it. And its upsetting that not everyone has that opportunity, but if you are lucky enough to have it, embrace it, use it and kick butt with it.

3. WE HAVE PEOPLE WHO WE CARE ABOUT, AND PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT US // They might have a funny way of showing it, but there is someone out there who really cares about you, even if it doesn't feel that way sometimes. You might not even know them, but they know you and you matter to them. It might just be the little old lady sat in her shop who sees you go past on your way to school at a certain time everyday. She'd notice if you didn't walk past one day, and she'd wonder where you were. She'd think if you were ill, if you went on holiday, if you'd gotten a lift, if you've skived, if she'd just missed you walking past, because even though she doesn't know you, she cares about you, and I find that amazing.

4. WE HAVE THE POWER TO HELP OTHERS // We have evolved so much that we can save lives. We can improve the lives of others, and in turn, improve our own. We don't even have to do that much, just smiling, asking them how they are and maybe even just talking to them could help someone, and, once again, mind blowing.

5. Finally, and maybe most importantly, WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE WHO WE ARE // We can decide who we want to be, what we get to do, what we wear, how we look, how we act, where we travel to, what we do with our life and, most importantly, what and who makes us happy.
Many people, especially my generation, don't know this yet, or have never learnt this, or someone else has their entire life planned out for them, which is not okay. We should learn that we can be who we want to be from the age we can understand the simplest thing.

I hope this post made you think in some way, let me know if you'd like me to do more of these posts and if you have any ideas for 'My Happiness Project', please let me know! What's something you are happy about?

Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3