The Truth About Teenage Bloggers Project (#TTAB) was started by Jade and Lauren when they decided to do something about the troubles of teenage bloggers. You can read Jade’s post and Lauren’s post here. We all left comments on Jade and Lauren’s post saying that we would be interested. They started a group chat on twitter and this is where the project really started to take off!

On the chat, we decided that being a teenage blogger was hard and that sometimes we weren’t taken seriously. We all got talking and became really close even though it had only been a couple of days. We started discussing virtual sleepovers, meeting up and penpalling. Charlotte paired us all up with another blogger to become penpals and send each other letters and small gifts. Without Jade and Lauren writing those posts, the group would have never existed and we would have never made the friendships. Together, we developed the idea of a #TeenageTeam. We created a badge, which is above. You can visit the blogs of all the people involved through the links below.

The aim of #TTATB is to help support and promote teenage bloggers everywhere and to do this we have created a Twitter and Instagram account which are linked at the bottom. We are aiming to retweet blog posts that tag us and have our hashtags, #TTATB and #TeenageTeam. The hashtags will not only be used to promote your blog posts, but also to help you find other teenage bloggers.

In July 2016, we will be introducing the idea of twitter chats. Every Wednesday and Saturday at 6 o’clock the twitter account is going to host a twitter chat, similar to #thegirlgang or #socialbloggers

We have also launched a website and every week, one of us will write a post for it, and are planning to have other teenage bloggers guest post on it! Along with the website, there is a newsletter that will come out monthly, including any extra #TTATB chat and information. 
Twitter: @TatbProject
Instagram: @tatbproject

If you are interested in the project we have created DM us on Instagram or Twitter or just comment down below!

Check out all the people involved in the chat!
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  1. hey. im interestet in taking part x

    1. Hi, Jade ( runs the chat, so I'd try contacting her, and I'm sure she'd welcome you with open arms Xxx